Here in TBUTECH we are transforming business with ultimate technologies. We have all the necessary expertise to make it happen. Our experienced engineers are finding the best architecture design and approaches in the web development. The talented UI/UX designers along with conceptual designers are making the product looking nice and easy to use. We love helping entrepreneurs to change
the world by implementing exceptional software.



for freight brokers

The TBUTECH TMS for freight brokers has a broad functional for dispatching, managing the loads, automated updates.

All the necessary information can be accessed in couple of clicks with smart search system. Update you customer via email, phone by clicking the button or schedule the automatic updates.

Rate Confirmation, Setup with Carriers, Updating the customers is now very organized and easy to use.

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Powerful TMS that drives
your trucking company to the next level

Transportation Management System is no more affordable just to huge companies with hundreds of thousands budged for software.

Even company with 1 truck can access the complete functional of $1 million+ value software with a $79/month subscription.

Automation of dispatching, maintenance, accounting, document storage, KPI metrics can reduce mess in operations and raise the profit.



Customer Relationship Management systems are widely presented on the market by giant companies.

The good thing is that they provide the wide functionality at comparably low prices. But at the same time it limits the entrepreneur and forces to follow the designed way of using it's tools.

We have ready but independent modules that can be used to build your own customized CRM that will suit perfectly to your business model.

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Our services

  • Web Application
  • CRM/ERP System
  • PWA progressive web application
  • MVP minimum viable product
  • SaaS software as a service
  • API integration
  • Software engineering
  • End to end solutions
  • Product development
  • Architecture design
We code with passion and deliver the product on time. Experience is a crucial element of success, so we work on projects that are most relevant to our expertise.
  • Wireframes Designing
  • High/Low fidelity Prototype
  • Strategic Design Consulting
  • Information Architecture
  • UX Analysis
  • UI Design
  • Mobile Application Design
Our designers make people proud of their product. The way it works is important. But the way it looks can bring positive emotions to you and your customers.
  • Web site audit
  • Product audit
  • Market niche research
  • Marketing solutions
Digital Marketing is called to promote products and services via all accessible web technology tools. We are doing an audit of websites and products. Basing on that we offer solutions to improve the usage of existing tools and implementing new techniques when it is reasonable.
  • Progressive Web Application
  • Native iOS Application
  • Native Android Application
Mobile applications are becoming less popular as people are getting tired of installing numerous apps on their devices. At the same time, PWA popularity is growing as it provides the same functionality without the need to be installed.